Why Choose HCU

Comprehensive Service
Health Care Unlimited offers a wide array of services:
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Home Health Aides
  • Home Medical Equipment
  • Infusion Pharmacy
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Licensed Master Social Worker
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    • KCI Wound Vac Certified
    • Medela
    • Smith & Nephew
  • Star/Star+Plus Attendant Services
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Palliative Care Services

— Skilled Home Health Care

  • Disease Management Programs
  • Wound Care/Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy, Ostomy Care
  • IV/TPN Therapy and Line Maintenance
  • Home & Clinical Evaluations/Assessments
  • Pain Management
  • Skilled Nursing, PT, OT, ST, Aides, Social Services

— Private Duty

  • (Hourly Skilled Care: Private Pay/Long-term Care Insurance)

— Attendant/Provider Services

  • Primary Home Care (PHC)
  • Community-based Alternatives (CBA)

— Skilled Home Health Care

— Private Duty (Hourly: Medicaid/Private Pay)

— Medicaid Attendant/Provider Care

  • Personal Care Service
  • Medically Dependent Children’s Program
Durable Medical Equipment

—Oxygen/Respiratory Products

— Infusion Supplies

— Ostomy Supplies

— Various Medical Equipment

  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Various Supportive Devices
  • Ancillary Devices
Home Infusion Pharmacy


— Hydration

— Antibiotics

— Pain Management


For each physician HCU verifies credentials yearly and for new providers in the following areas:

  • OIG Exclusion List
  • PECOS Verification
  • Verification of Licensure/Credentials
  • Verification of Provider Demographics (address, specialty, etc…)

HCU has a fully documented compliance program which is reviewed and maintained by our full-time Chief Compliance Officer which is Certified in Medical Compliance ad adheres to policy, standards and regulations.

HCU’s Hospital Readmission Prevention Program

Hospital readmission prevention occurs on several fronts at HCU. While we strictly adhere to various best practices intervention guidelines, we have also developed several internal protocols and disease management programs to assist hospitals with PPS challenges. HCU’s hospital readmission prevention model is simple:

Early Detection + Early Intervention = Reduction in Hospitalizations
30 Day Hospitalization Rate
Health Care Unlimited** National Average* Texas Average*
Last 12 Months
1 Year Ago
1 Year Ago

*Hospitalization Rates Home Health Compare
**Hospitalization Rate Strategic Healthcare Programs, LLC.
Hospitalization rate snapshots captured January 2014
Disease Management Programs
  • Healing Hearts (CHF)
  • Circle of Care (cancer)
  • Pain Management
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Fall Prevention Program
  • Sweet Victory (Diabetes)
  • Breathe Easy (COPD)
  • Wound Care
  • Orthopedic Recovery
  • Hypertension Program
  • Geriatric Program


There are several intricate and subtle benefits that can be realized by partnering with Home Care agencies like HCU.

  • Inpatient Perspective Payment System challenges
  • Reduced readmissions to hospitals
  • Reduced risk of patient abandonment
  • Enables independent skills
  • Improved home care transitions
  • Better utilization of ER Services
  • Complementing service for post-acute care
  • Alternate setting for skilled care

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Joint Commission Accreditation

Health Care Unlimited has been accredited by the Joint Commission for the last 15 years. HCU is one of the few Home Care agencies to be accredited across all its departments including:

  • Skilled Intermittent Services (Home Health)
  • Home Medical Equipment
  • Pharmacy
  • Attendant/Community Services
  • Private Duty (hourly skilled care)
Why Accreditation?

Accreditation is a periodic external evaluation by recognized experts that provides impartial evidence of the quality of care delivered to patients and clients.

Preparing for accreditation affords HCU the opportunity for an in-depth review of its patient safety and care delivery process. Achieving accreditation demonstrates HCU’s ongoing commitment to safeguard our patients, staff and brand.

Why Joint Commission Accreditation?


Compliance with Joint Commission’s nationally recognized requirements and participation in their accreditation process provides home health companies a foundation on which to run a smarter business and demonstrate enhanced patient outcomes.

Unique Perspective

Joint Commission is the only accreditor to represent the entire continuum of care. Achieving their coveted “Gold Seal of Approval” uniquely positions HCU as a quality-oriented partner within care transition teams, emerging accountable care organizations and the “pay for performance” environment.

Patient Safety Focus

Joint Commission’s program requirements are developed in conjunction with advisory groups of our peers and focus on areas that most critically impact patient care and safety including: fall risk reduction, infection control, medication management, and staff competency.

By using a patient “tracer” process to assess compliance with Joint Commission’s requirements, their certified surveyors optimize on-site time with HCU. This unique approach enables agencies like HCU to see the strengths and weaknesses of their processes in “real time.”

Working Toward a Common Goal

Like HCU, Joint Commission envisions a world where patients experience the safest, high quality care where ever they are served. Joint Commission promises to continue to evolve their programs to ensure agencies like HCU receive the best value for our investment.

Fewer Readmits from Joint Commission-Accredited Home Health Agencies

Joint Commission’s analysis of key OASIS measures shows that Joint Commission-Accredited Home Health organizations have fewer readmits to the hospital after an episode of care as compared with other non-accredited or competitively-accredited firms.1

1 Source: Analysis by The Joint Comission of OASIS data, Feb 2009 to Jan. 2010 and identified Joint Commission-Accredited Home Health Organizations’ performance cross-matched by Medicare provider number.

Health Care Unlimited was one of the first home care agencies to open in the Rio Grande Valley. We have been in business for 33 years and our commitment to our community is only surpassed by the level of care medical professional of the area have come to expect from an agency such as HCU.

Geographic Coverage

Health Care Unlimited’s geographic coverage spans 18 counties in South Texas. Although some services may not be available in some areas, non-skilled home care is available in all areas. Additionally, HCU has initiated several innovative programs in various areas to help payers curb unnecessary spending. If you are interested in learning more about these initiatives, please contact us for further information. Skilled Nursing Services are available in Starr, Hidalgo, Willacy and Cameron Counties.

HCU Service Distribution Map in TX
Vast Experience in Managed Care

Because of our experience with working with a multitude of insurance and health management companies, we feel we have perfected and streamlined intermittent home care. We are always seeking to improve our network of providers and area always interested in connecting with engaged payers and providers. If your organization seeks to be highly engaged in the care of your members, please contact us today.

To view our a list of the payers we accept, please click here.

Lower Recertification Rates

In 2008 Health Care Unlimited conducted a review of Medicare Claims data. The review compared our average episodes per discharge to that of our area. What we found was unexpected, but validated our concerns for possible over utilization of home health in our market.

While there are several factors that affect a patients final “length of stay” with a home health company, Medicare episodes typically are issued as a 60-day period in which the home health organization is responsible to provide home care during that period. If the home health feels that the patient needs additional care, the agency can ask for new orders from the physician for an additional episode of care; this process is called “recertifying” the patient.

During this period Health Care Unlimited “recertified” patients on an average of 1.88 times (113 days of service), while the average home care agency in Hidalgo County recertified their patients 5.89 (354 days of service)

Where Affordable Care Meets Quality

If we gather the cost per episode of the average home health agency in Hidalgo for 2008 using Medicare Claims Data ($2,736.15) and multiply that by the average number of episodes (5.89) we can identify the average cost it takes to treat a Medicare home health patient in Hidalgo County ($16,177.12). Health Care Unlimited’s average cost to Medicare per episode in 2008 was $2,470.41 and our average recertification rate was 1.88, which totals $4,639.35 for the care we provided to the same demographic; however, HCU’s patients are typically of higher acuity and in 2008 had a higher case-mix weight. Based on this analysis, not only does HCU treat sicker patients for less, but we do so in a shorter frequency of time.

Dependable Service
You Can Trust

HCU seeks partners who want patient-centered quality care, excellent home care outcomes, and a provider that your members and physician’s trust.

Physicians across the Rio Grande Valley have depended on us to provide quality home care to their patients for over 20 years. And as we’ve grown and evolved something’s have never changed: Our commitment to integrity and patient care.

At HCU, our patient care is designed on quality, compliance and healthy recovery so together we can focus on saving lives and promoting healthy recoveries. That is why we have successfully treated many satisfied patients and that is why doctors recommend Health Care Unlimited.

HCU Innovation Programs

Health Care Unlimited has developed innovative home care programs designed to treat costly episodes of care, patients with frequent hospitalizations, and improve care coordination.

Total Care Case Management – Insurance organizations with frequently hospitalized patients that may consume excessive resources and require intense medical surgical care are a perfect fit for HCU’s Total Care Case Management program. Our program utilizes a proprietary intensive case management model and empowers HCU Registered Nurses with the flexibility to visit the patient frequently for up to long periods of time and also empowers our Case Managers to work with all medical professionals, people and entities involved in the patient’s care.

HCU Path – HCU Link is Health Care Unlimited’s transitional care program. This program allows patients direct in person and phone contact with a Registered nurse during the crucial 30 days following a hospitalization.

Psychiatric Home Care – For patients with severe behavior problems, difficult or demanding medication regimens and/or patients which are frequently institutionalized, HCU has developed a psychiatric model that provides comprehensive case management to these patients. Our program is designed to help the patient develop strong rapport with our psychiatric clinicians and in due time, help keep the patient stable and out of an institutional setting.

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