Report Fraud

HCU Takes a Concrete Stand to Combat Fraud and Abuse.
The Rio Grande Valley is no stranger to stories of fraud and abuse, however with over 25 years in business, Health Care Unlimited has remained an example of honesty, transparency, and a trusted partner to the medical community as well as to the people we serve.

With the same spirit of transparency, we proudly announce our partnership with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Officer of Inspector General (O.I.G.).
Health Care Unlimited's number one priority is to provide quality services to members of our community while remaining efficient, effective and economic.

What Does This Mean?
Our partnership with the O.I.G. establishes a trusted foundation of equal parts commitment and responsibility. We commit to taking a stand against fraud and abuse continue, to promote and display quality home health services, and promote an open-door work environment.

Through our partnership, we also commit:

  • Our Agency: to report fraud, waste, and abuse to the O.I.G. when found or suspect already in place.
  • Our Staff: to be trained to identify and report fraud and abuse.
  • To Educate: our community and others by defining what fraud and abuse is, what it looks like, and what they should do about it.

HCU, a Trailblazer of Quality Home Health
Health Care Unlimited prides itself on being a visionary and innovative home health agency; we are driven, and always motivated to be one step ahead in the health care industry. As visionaries, we stay in the forefront of topics and issues that could interfere with medical industry goals and aim to remain a trusted partner in the health care continuum.

Report Fraud
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